Valeria Marini and Giovanni Cotton married without gifts

Valeria Marini and Giovanni Cottone announced their weddings  on Chi newspaper.

Valeria Marini said: “On May 11, I’m getting married with Gianni and we ask to make donations to Amri and Fondazione Artemisia.

After four years of love and a couple of false starts, the showgirl announced then that will get married. In addition to the date, the witnesses were chosen as well: Gigi D’Alessio, Anna Tatangelo, Mariagrazia Cucinotta and Ivana Trump.

To the question “So, give us the evidence that the engine was really set in motion. The who and why we know, we miss “where, “how”, “when” … “Valeria Marini says,” It will be the 11st of May, in church, at the Vatican, with His Excellency Archbishop Francesco Gioia. From friends we do not want gifts, their presence is enough. Instead we ask to make a donation to the Foundation to Amri and Fondazione Artemisia, chaired by my gynecologist, Professor Claudio Giorladino. “